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I have two awesome boys, Shawn & Cash who I love with all my heart. I firmly believe to have good friends, you have to be a good friend. I have a handful of girlfriends I know I can always count on and they know they can count on me.  I believe God has a plan for each of us and I am blessed and fortunate to live the life I do.


I've been a lover of Apple computers since the age of 3 and am a huge tech geek. I can figure out most technical problems on my own and have always designed my own websites.


I have two beautiful Golden Retrievers, Emma and Bella. Emma loves to cuddle and sleep. She would be a 100 lb. lap dog if you let her.  Bella loves the ball and will swim for hours at the river, dropping the ball and letting it float away, then jumping in after it.  


I love Mexican food! Seriously, a life without tortillas is no life at all. I can't live without coffee and I love to cook when I'm not being rushed. If you come to my house, I'll most likely feed you or send you home with a snack. 


I love to read and I will usually binge read a book cover to cover. I've probably read every Nora Roberts novel ever written.

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I am a licensed Realtor in California serving Canyon Lake, Menifee, Temecula and Murrieta and the surrounding areas. 


Country Music makes me happy. I love a good country concert and will jump at the chance to wear my hats and boots. 


I love doTERRA Essential Oils, Sunflowers, Sunshine & Summertime, Flip flops, Bathing Suits and Chocolate Malted Crunch in a mug with milk.


I was raised in Alta Loma, CA and moved to the river when I was 11 years old. The Colorado River is home to me.  There is no place in the world I'd rather be than there with my big, crazy family. 

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